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Confluence Journal of Enivronmental Studies

Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies, Department of Geography.Kogi State University,Anyigba ,Nigeria

We believe learning never ends.

Publication Fee

The publication fees are in two phases: The first payment of #5000 will be charged for the review of the manuscripts. The second payment of #25,000 will be made for the publication proper on any manuscripts accepted for publication. Additional charges may however be incurred during the production of the hard copies especially for those authors that violates the page limit order and or any other additional administrative processing.
  • The publication is monthly as our reviewers are always active and ready to attend any available manuscript across all fields and disciplines.

  • Editorial Board

  • Editor-in Chief: Dr.(Chief) Ojochenemi Idoko
  • Editorial Board: Prof. A. Ogidiolu (KSU),
  • Prof. M. E. Ufuah(AAU),
  • Prof. S.D. Musa(KSU),
  • Prof. S.A. Mashi (FpUA),
  • Dr. O. Idoko (KSU),
  • Prof. A.A. Segynola (AAU),
  • Prof. Phil-Eze (UNN),
  • Dr. S. Ishaya (FUA),
  • Dr. Tokula Arome Emmanuel (KSU).
  • Dr. Omali O. (KSU).
  • Dr. Kabiru M. (KSU),
  • Prof. Essagha A. (ESUTH).
  • Dr. O.O Ifatimehin
  • Dr. E.O Abubakar (Newcastle-UK).
  • Technical Editors: Mr Ocholi Stephen Ogbaje (KSU),
  • Mr. Kekere Adamu (KSU).
  • The scope of this journal

    The scope of this journal include:
  • Geography.
  • Environmental studies/science.
  • Geographic Information system/Remote sensing.
  • Planning.
  • Demography.
  • Pure and applied sciences.
  • industrial safety and pollution control.
  • Agriculture.
  • Management.
  • Social sciences.
  • Conservation of resources and sustainability.
  • Tourism and hospitality management.
  • Disaster management.
  • Any emerging current global issues.


    While working in line with the aim of the journal in publishing well-researched, empirical, technical and theoretical papers on issues related to the environment, development and sustainability, authors are freely given the opportunity to share their views with others as long as such views contributes and corroborates with current global research interests. However, the views shared with and in published manuscripts remain the original works of the author(s) and not that of the Journal or the Editorial Board in any way. In order to ensure quality production of authors’ articles in this journal, assurance is hereby given that all manuscripts received must have been subjected to double blinded reviews. Essentially, the journal therefore seeks to bridge, integrate, disseminate and promote intellectual, methodological and philosophical approaches to developing scholarship across the outlined disciplines. We also encourage fresh or current and up to-date empirical researches from diverse backgrounds. In order to improve the quality of author’s manuscripts, the journal editorial team exceptionally welcomes single authorship of articles, but where the need arises for double and multiple authorship, respective authors are expected to do thorough editorial work on their manuscripts with a view to reducing the work of reviewers, before submission.


    Note to prospective authors:
    a. Abstracts should not be more than 250 words, and should be followed with not more than five key words..

    b. All articles (which must be written in English language) must be fall within the range of 15 - 20 pages on A4 papers, including maps/charts, tables and references
    c. Articles should be in MS word, 12point in Times New Roman font (1.5 line spacing).
    d. Referencing is strictly by APA standard (latest edition).
    e. Sequentially, all articles should contain the title of papers, author(s) name(s), including their surnames, middle and last names in full (without abbreviation). Address of author(s) institution, phone numbers and valid e-mails should be provided for reference purposes.
    f. Articles accepted for review and possible publication must not be such that have been submitted to any other academic journal(s) for publication.


    In view of the increasing quest for academic growth and career demand, the editorial board of the CJES has considered the interest of prospective publishers to regularize its publication MONTHLY, especially now that the journal has now been innovated, both online and print pattern. While the online version takes one month to be published after submission and payment thereof, the print version is expected to be published within the shortest possible time, to grant opportunity to co-publishers to assess the journal. It also assures publishers that as soon as their papers are sent in, irrespective of the number, they are immediately sent for review and published within a month interval. This innovation which takes effect from 1st January 2021 undergoes expert scrutiny and a review process within two to three weeks. However, the review of manuscript, cost of publication and criteria of manuscript review may be changed from time to time, assuring that all prospective authors must be communicated on any meaningful change when the need arise.

    The VC KSU

    Prof. Marietu S. Tenuche
    Vice Chancelor
    (Kogi State University,Anyigba)


    The CONFLUENCE JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES ‘CJES’ is a high impact peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal hosted by the Department of Geography, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Nigeria. The journal accepts well researched empirical and theoretical manuscripts from academics, researchers, professionals and students across the world. The journal is a monthly peer reviewed open access academic and international journal, distinctive in the areas not limited to geography and Environmental studies, but a wide range of disciplines including the physical/ Pure and applied sciences, human geography, planning sciences, management sciences, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. Others are Map analysis, Agriculture, Social sciences, Quantitative Geography, Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality management, Industrial safety, Pollution control, methodological and philosophical geographies, etc.Read more

    Editor-in Chief

    Dr.Ojochenemi Idoko.
    HOD Geography
    (Kogi State University,Anyigba)

    Comments About The Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies.

    I am indebted to the editors and reviewers,for the valuable comments and suggestions on our manuscript.Thank you to our authors, reviewers, and readers


    I am indebted to the editors and reviewers,for the valuable comments and suggestions on our manuscript.Thank you to our authors, reviewers, and readers

    Dr.Kunle A.D:

    I am indebted to the editors and reviewers,for the valuable comments and suggestions on our manuscript.Thank you to our authors, reviewers, and readers

    Dr.James W.D

    I am indebted to the editors and reviewers,for the valuable comments and suggestions on our manuscript.Thank you to our authors, reviewers, and readers

    Dr.Amina M.Z